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Yogability classes are suitable for all abilities - from beginners to experienced athletes

Private Sessions

One to ones, Pair or group sessions - private sessions for you and your friends or your team.


From Handstands, Headstands to Mobility - find a Yogability Workshop near you.


Yogability classes are currently across South Wales; New and varied routines are introduced weekly to keep things fresh in this butt burning, core strengthening, body stretching session.



Upcoming Yogability Workshops:

New Workshops coming soon - contact for details.

Yogability Online

Follow the Yogability Method in the comfort of your own home - sign up to Yogability Online and you can get exclusive access to instructional videos, and follow the online training plan.

Online Training Plan

Goal setting? If you have a specific goal or aim when it comes to yogability - we can provide a plan for you to follow - bespoke for your needs!

Instructional Videos

Become part of yogabilty from the comfort of your home - whether it's 'Wake Up Flows' or stretches for a specific part of your body - these instructional videos will cover it all!


If you need extra support - arrange skype/telephone sessions with the Yogability team - Contact available 24/7 - we've got your back!

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Email communication with Yogability
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"I am more aware of the capability of my body and have continued to improve week by week becoming more flexible and stronger. I can't imagine my life without Yogability in it."

"My flexibility has skyrocketed, injuries are a thing of the past for me and I have superior core strength and balance; this in turn has had a positive impact on my workouts, I can now lift more for longer."

"Individual Sessions with Alecs were tailored to my issues and have not only made me more flexible and improved my core strength and CrossFit gymnastics skills, but have been so much fun. Highly recommended!"

"My journey has been very complicated and is by no means over but yogability has turned out to be an incredibly powerful tool to help me on my way... Thank you for your patience and support Alecs, I simply can't recommend you highly enough!"

Our Story

Our Founder Alecs Donovan is known as “the rugby playing yogi”! Alecs has been a sport competitor since she was 2 years old. Sport has always been her first love and having parents who have achieved international status in their own disciplines there is no doubt that sport is in her genes.

Alecs is currently back playing rugby for the Ospreys after 2 years out with a serious injury, during which time yoga became her friend and helped in her rehabilitation.

Yoga, before Alecs' injury, was definitely not for her; it didn't make her sweat and she just wasn't interested! Mainly because she didn't understand its benefits. This has now changed:

"Rupturing my achilles, meant that the one thing I could do was yoga, and therefore I decided to try it and to try different types of yoga. At first I couldn't understand how on earth people, three times my age, were better than me, more flexible, stronger and healthier than I was!

After just two years of yoga, I can now understand the importance and the benefits it brings. All athletes, especially those rehabilitating from injury would benefit from yoga and others who are interested in general fitness and their well-being would gain so much from the teachings and benefits of yoga.

I am stronger, fitter and so much more flexible than I was two years ago, which helps me avoid the unnecessary tightness that leads to injury."

The main aim of Yogability is to improve mobility and flexibility in the body while maintaining strength of the muscles; to improve muscle form and function.